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@ DeBault Title: 
1619 S Kentucky St, Ste. C-370
 Thursday, Apr. 25: 6:30pm-8:30pm


You Don't Have to Invest on a Deserted Island!

Sure you can go it on your own as an investor, but what fun is that?


Come join the Amarillo Real Estate Group! Listen to a speaker, have a snack and network with others. Learn new things and share your knowledge with other investors. We love meeting new people and our group's purpose is to support and add value to each other.

The Amarillo Real Estate Investor Group has quarterly meetings throughout the year on a variety of topics which may include Buy and Hold investing, Financing, Finding Deals, Wholesaling, Selling, Marketing, Landlording, and others.

The group can be a great place for helping new investors get started as well as helping seasoned investors take their business to the next level. Cost is $25 per meeting and can be paid at the door or prepaid by following the link a the bottom of the page.


"If you are a serious real estate investor you have to join this group! It's worth it just for the networking opportunity."

- Gerry Jubang, Investor


"Real Estate clubs are a great way to gain wisdom and build your network. Tony does an excellent job of bringing speakers that are relevant to our business."

- Shawn Moore, Amarillo Welcome Homes LLC

"Great meetings and information touching on many aspects of the industry."

- Brandon Stewart, BLAZE Property Management


"Networking is necessary to start or grown a real estate business. This is where you network in Amarillo, Texas."

- David Salas, Investor

"This is THE group in Amarillo for masterminding about investment properties!"

- Jessica Wallace, Minnix Property Management

REIG Event Schedule:
Thursday, April 25, MEETING 6:30pm-8:30pm at DeBault Title ($25 per person) DeBault Title sponsored event!

REIG Events Explained:
We have quarterly Meetings on various topics with a speaker. These include food and drinks and cost $25 per person. The months in between Meetings we have Happy Hour Meet Ups. These are free to attend social meet 'n greets. Once or twice a year the Meet Up may be a free game night event where we play an investing game such as Cashflow. 

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